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I have purchased some leeks - I ordered them on line from plants are us and they have arrived in plugs as expected. They are now planted out in the garden, as they arrived in their plug. My concern is that each plug appears to have 3 - 4 small leek plants. I am concerned that I should have split these up and planted them individually rather than putting the plugs in as they came straight into the ground.

I am looking at other questions in the hope that I can help someone else - no luck so far let us hope that in a year or so I can reciprocate all the help I am receiving for what must seem like quite obvious questions. Thank you.



Hi Anne what size are the leek plants in your plugs? They certainly need to be planted separately but not until they are the size of a pencil.

Here is the info I recently wrote for part of a book... Hopefully you dug in lots or good compost or well rotted manure last year.

Plant leeks out when they are the size of a small pencil, approx 10 – 15 weeks after sowing. Space the leeks 10 to 12 cm apart in rows 30 to 35 cm apart. Use a dibber to make a hole 15 to 20 cm deep, insert the leek and water gently with a fine rose, the soil will naturally fall back around the leek.

Hoe regularly and ridge up to increase size of the white area. Water if needed.

24 Apr, 2012


Yes, you should have split them and planted them individually in pots and grown them on for quite a while until planting out.
Not to late, get them up and do as above.

24 Apr, 2012


Thank you, and once again thank you. It has been solid rain since I planted these leeks out so as soon as it stops will dig them up and split them! I am having a day at the Harrowgate flower show tomorrow - planning to arrive in walking boots and waterproofs!

25 Apr, 2012


Enjoy Harrogate Show Anne - you might want to have wellies with you too!

25 Apr, 2012

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