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what sort of plants will grow in wet clay soil?

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every thing i plant seems to die. the area is also in full sun. I live in lancashire england



just looking in my titchmarsh book and here a few he suggests
there are a few to start you off
good luck

25 Apr, 2009


Full sun is a good thing, everything needs light to grow. Perhaps have your soil tested for PH. Have a peep in the neighbours garden and see what grows well there. They're bound to have the same kind of soil. Heavy clay doesn't let the water through ( used for pottery for instance ), so I presume the plant's roots will be rotting and hence dying. Did one dead one up and look at the rootsystem. It also might not have been able to penetrate or take nutrients from the soil. Best thing is to install drainage in your garden. Excellent if you have a sloping block, otherwise find the lowest spot and have the drain pipes run that way and to the street, lol, where there should be drains and wells. These are very light black poly with lots of holes. Dig them into a trench, and best to lay the pipe in blue metal, so it can't clog up with dirt. You can loosen the soil by digging mulch or sand into it. Sand is very good for draining and losening soil. Also lime is good, but first better know the PH of the soil. You can take a sample to the local nursery, they have testkits and will help you, so the can advice you and sell you things, you see! Clay gets hard in the summer when the soil dries out and is also quite difficult for some plants to stretch out their roots.
Good luck, hope this info is helpful.

25 Apr, 2009


I'd be careful of primula's in full sun - not all of them like. If the soil is very wet clay you might want to try digging very large holes when you plant out and filling with a better mix of compost. Good luck anyway

25 Apr, 2009


If you have an empty bed, why not hire a rotavator and mix with shingle and top soil? Then you can plant what you like in future.

26 Apr, 2009

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