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Lawn laying preparation


By Johnfa

United Kingdom Gb

Hi folks

I have recently removed a large concrete area including pond from the centre of my garden lawn (approx 20ft x 10ft). I am looking to lay some lawn turf over this area however having removed all the hardcore i am left with a considerable amount of what is mainly sand and gravel (approx 18 inches deep)

Is it possible just to put some topsoil a few inches deep over the top of the sand or should I be looking to remove it all (which would be quite a big job) ?

many thanks

On plant Lawnus Trickyus



Good idea, some topsoil on top of the sand and gravel seems excellent. Make sure you know where the topsoil comes from. It should be clean and no nasty seeds of weeds in them, otherwise they will eventually penetrate the turfmats and then you have to spray again. Grass is pretty hardy and topsoil will be a treat for it. I've had grass growing over gravel where I didn't want it, so yes, it grows anywhere. You probably buy the turf from a turf farm, so ask these people what they recommend for your conditions. You probably shouldn't walk on the turf at first either and would have to keep it watered too, so the roots can penetrate your topsoil and establish.

25 Apr, 2009

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