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Strawberries question

I have bought 10 stawberry plants and plant 5 in a pot and 5 in a hanging basket. I have flowers on them and small buds which i am assuming are strawberies. Should i cut the flower for better crop? Any fertilizer that I should be doing? Thanks in advance, Odette



The flower is what will produce the berry so no do not cut off!

23 Apr, 2012


Ok thanks for the advice. Was reading somewhere that I should remove the white flowers. Thank God i haven't done it yet.... :)

23 Apr, 2012


I think that the information that you read was that you were advised to take the flowers off of the young or maiden plants so that the energy went into building a stronger plant rather than let them fruit. If you do let them flower and fruit this season then tomato fertiliser will do just fine.

23 Apr, 2012


You don't mention the size of the pot or basket but at 5 plants per each seems a bit much.

I would say for a standard basket (14"-18")t two plants would have been enough, and perhaps two in a pot 8"-10" in diameter.

I agree with Jimmy's thoughts on the flower removal thing!

23 Apr, 2012


Thank you all for your replies. notes taken.

Teegee - I meant 5 plug plants . Hope they still give me fruit :)

23 Apr, 2012


Quote;I meant 5 plug plants

Even so!

These have a potential to spread to around 9"-12" in diameter.

As you have found ther is plenty of room now, but once they are fully grown they will be a bit cramped.

I think what I would have done is grown them in 3" pots in a warm environment for a while to develop then planted them up.

Plug plants in what is effectively a "big pot" may have difficulty in surviving as they might become a bit over wet and cold!

23 Apr, 2012

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