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I am going to be sowing some sweet corn seeds I know that they should be planted in squares rather than in rows I will have about 5ft square space so how many should I looking at planting. And what should the average crop be per plant



I plant my plants about 300mm(12") apart along the row and 375mm(15") between rows so in 5ft x 5ft you should be able to fit in 4 rows of 6 = 24 maximum.

Cropping is subject to variety some plants will produce two cobs others one so I would work on 30 - -35

Don 't mix sugar enhanced varieties with other varieties, plants are wind pollinated so they can cross pollinate and generally they they tend revert to the non enhanced variety.

As with all hollow stemmed plants never let the plants want for water, always keep them turgid.

I hope that of luck

This link might help;

22 Apr, 2012


Couldn't have added better advice! We get approx 2 cobs per plant and, if the weather has been very calm, we wander down the garden and 'rattle' the stems when the pollen-loaded spikes are up so that they all get pollinated. Sooooooooo lovely straight off the plant and onto the Barbeque! Mmmm! :o)

23 Apr, 2012


Just another tip!

Don't sow them too early.

I find working back about two weeks from my last expected frost date is best.

What must not happen as might,if you sow too early is; they become pot bound before you get them planted out, and they never seem to recover properly if this happens.

The reason for the two week period is; this gives me time to sow them in cells just to germinate them( cells are easier to get warm than pots) then as soon as they pop through I pot them up into a 3" (75mm) pot.

In roughly ten days these pots are nearly pot bound so it is time to plant them out.

To me timing is crucial so sowing early is not an option, I would rather sow them later,

They soon catch up, whereas pot bound (checked) plants tend to sulk for a bit so you lose any benefit of an early sowing!

I hope this info helps....Tg

23 Apr, 2012


The variety is sweet bounty f1

23 Apr, 2012


I plan to sow mine probably middle to end of next week!

23 Apr, 2012

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