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Flowering Rhubard?


By Usernut

scotland, United Kingdom Gb

Had my rhubard for a few years now and always get great crops, i,ve already picked the second crop this year, but when I picked the second crop I saw that there was a large stalk (like a normal rhubard stalk) with a head which had purple flowers on it (not fully grown yet).
I pulled the stalk out with the flowers on it and the stalk was hollow.
never seen flowers on rhubarb before but i,m sure i read somewhere, to remove the stalk before it flowers completely. anyone know if this is right?



Yes, that's right Usernut. There is discussion about the value of removing it but I think most people say to remove it if you are going to eat your rhubarb.

I have done both.. The flower stalks are quite thick and as you noticed, hollow. They grow about 5 feet tall and have huge clusters of tiny white flowers. The bees LOVE them. I haven't noticed much of a smell to them though. I haven't personally noticed much of a difference between removing them and not removing them. The stems don't seem anymore tough or more sour whether I remove the flowers or not. However, it may vary with different varieties.

Hope this helps. :o)

24 Apr, 2009


Yes you were correct, i removed mine last year and still got great crops
However this year i have split the plant into 4 (jan), as it was getting a little large and all 4 are doing fantastic, though the stalks are slightly thinner

24 Apr, 2009


I was going to split mine too but was not too sure so left it for next year.
I think i,ll cut it into two and plant one in a container.

25 Apr, 2009

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