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i have a strip of garden next to my path about 2ft x 20ft, its at the front of the house and i want to put in ground cover plants that are quick growing and which will suppress weeds, please help

kent, United Kingdom Gb

some-one suggested phlox or mint, but i dont really want mint growing in my front garden



welcome to GoY.
how about lamium [deadnettle], Vinca minor [lesser periwinkle] , snow in summer, alyssium, aubretia any of the thymes, some are very compact.

there will be many others and i am sure other members will be able to offer advice.

20 Apr, 2009


Im into my herbs and wildflowers at the mo, and would love a chamomile lawn, the smell is fabulous and very relaxing that would be lovely for viditors coming to your door.
not sure how it would withhold weeds but would also be an excellent sourse of herbal medicine supply
x x

was also going to mention what seaburngirl says about snow in summer

20 Apr, 2009


Some of the sedum family hug the ground...and I would absolutely go along with thyme. The bees love it when it's in flower! Evergreen and you can get variegated ones - very pretty plants.

20 Apr, 2009

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