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How do I murder bamboo once and for all?

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I planted a bamboo some years ago in a bed. It sent shoots up all over the place, including through a paved area. I got rid of the main plant, but obviously lots of bits remained beneath the paving. For the last two (or possibly three) years, I've just blasted any shoots with systemic weedkiller as soon as they appear.

So far this year, no shoots have appeared, and I've taken up some of the paving and found roots which I think are dead (but it's hard to tell). My questions, then, are - would I be expecting shoots to be appearing by now if it is still alive. Also - is there something I can just drench the ground with to kill this bamboo once and for all? I'm about to have it re-paved and it'll be terrible if I haven't got the bamboo dealt with first.




I find that an axe, a fork and elbow grease are effective. So long as nobody's looking Diesel in the stems is also jolly good.

20 Apr, 2009


do they feel firm or sqidgy? I have used brush wood/stump killer too. I would have thought they would be showing signs of growth by now though.

20 Apr, 2009


We have a big clump of Bamboo, it is in the shrubbery so no problem. This just prompted me to mention, that in the Winter some blew accross the drive, my husband cut them off and put them in the shed, instead of the bonfire. I don't ask too many questions. Last week he planted out his cabbage plants and lettuce. We have a lot of ring doves and he was worried they were going to eat them. Out came his dried Bamboo shoots from the shed, which he stuck in the ground curved in arks accross the garden then out came the fruit netting, and Bob's your Uncle, he had a bird proof tunnel accross the garden, so they are not all bad!!!!

20 Apr, 2009

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