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By Diamond

County Down, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all :0) Didnt think to take a look to see who was growing Bonzai tree's..was given one about 6 yrs ago and its said to be about 30 years old.. I cannot find the type of Bonzai and the friend wasnt able to tell me the name :0( Can anyone help on this.. be much appreciated :0))

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Probably larch (larix) a deciduous conifer popular for bonsai.

29 Mar, 2012


Thank you DGW !! I think you got it .. many thanks to you :0))

30 Mar, 2012


certainly its a larch. one of the few deciduous conifers native to britain.

30 Mar, 2012


Thank you Seaburngirl..Its such a lovely wee tree and i wish i had of started shaping it when i got it :0) although saying that it does look cute just the way it has grown naturally.

30 Mar, 2012


have you still got it in a small pot ? if so have you had anything done to it as it needs taking out of the pot every year or two depending on how big it is to trim the roots back so it doesnt get root bound . as for shaping it you still can if you want to . id perhaps look on utube or find someone who knows what there doing to ask . theres all sorts of clamps and differant thickness wires you can bend branches with . you can do it slowly as all wood is generaly plyable to a greater or lesser degree .

30 Mar, 2012


you have to trim the roots either very early spring or very late summer while there dorement so its probably to late now thow it looks healthy . you could always plant it in the ground as i did an acer .

30 Mar, 2012


Thanks for your advice NP :0) I shall take a look around the net and learn some basics and do it very gradually until i have gained confidence etc..dont want to ruin it. You should see the time i take to prune a rose bush lol.. it would be painful to watch lol :0))

30 Mar, 2012


your welcome diamond . you have a whole year to learn till next early spring . some people do it late summer but my friend has 50+ bonzei trees hence me knowing a bit about them . me and him think that if your going to cut, replant or pot on a tree plant etc its best early spring so it doesnt go threw a whole winter with damage and can start mending and healing fairly strate away . when you do cut it back you take it out the pot and quit brutaly cut it back but not egsactly sure of the egsact procedier . the branches however depending on the type of tree or shrub can take quit a while to bend . on some of his trees he has dead branches, roots exposed but have bark gropwing on them even with stones under them . this takes a good while . some plants take to bonzei`ing than others because of there leaf size or because of how well they adapt to being cut about etc . he alsop wates for some of his trees to come into leaf then pulls all the leaves of . when they grow back they come back a lot smaller giving the impression of a l;arge old tree but small . id look into it as i am bye know means an expert lol . take care bye for now .

30 Mar, 2012

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