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is there a small version of Gunnera?



Gunnera magellanica but it is a spreader

27 Mar, 2012


theres a plant thats related that has red under the leaves and i dont think it has the spiky looking stems that doesnt get so big . it could be the plant mg has mentioned but i cant remember latin names . rhubarb is also related .

27 Mar, 2012


A similar plant to Gunnera but only grows to 3-4 feet is Peltophyllum peltatum (spelling ?) or Damera...a water loving member of the saxifrage family.

27 Mar, 2012


Gunnera magellanica grows to less than a foot in height

27 Mar, 2012


Whichever one mine is I don't see any signs of growth yet - dead perhaps?

27 Mar, 2012


Nope we are seeing no signs of growth yet

27 Mar, 2012


I've just divided and repotted my gunnera magellanica (it grows in a planting basket at the edge of the pond)

27 Mar, 2012


Ok I'll leave it for a while then.

28 Mar, 2012

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