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Flying insects

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My garden is infested with small flying insects, which produce a huge swarm in mid afternoon/evening. How can I get rid of these



Why would you want to get rid of wildlife? They encourage birds and bats etc to visit your garden. These insects are probably nats. I've no idea how to get "rid" of them tho', sorry. It may only last a few days or so, til all eggs are hatched.

19 Apr, 2009


I totally agree with the above. If you have a garden which still has enough habitat for birds and is not over hard landscaped then the birds will be happy to get rid of these insects for you. It shouldn't be a long term problem.

19 Apr, 2009


we have loads of these too , we are living near a river which probably doesnt help but we dont mind just let them do the do, I feel that the more things we try to erradicate the worse our wildlife will suffer. they usually only come out when its been warm and starting to cool down.
dont be to worried
x x

19 Apr, 2009


Wish we had more insects at the moment - not enough food for our early arrived swallows...

19 Apr, 2009


the breeze we had today moongrower could possibly be blowing our insects your way
brrr ....chilly one in the shade
x x x

19 Apr, 2009


Yes chilly in the shade with a strong breeze but in the sun wonderful - we've pottered in the garden most of the day. A bit of weeding, a bit of potting up nothing serious or strenuous! Oh and B. put his plant table out at the side of the road and has sold nearly £30 worth of plants so far today. Given that he is charging between £2 and 50 pence that is pretty good going I think and will buy more plants or compost or some such :-)

19 Apr, 2009


thats brilliant moongrower
worked very hard for it too I bet
x x x

19 Apr, 2009


It would be like trying to hold back the tide D, we have these in our garden all summer and we sit out at dusk and watch the bats feeding, more than compensates.

19 Apr, 2009

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