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Anyone watch Gardens world last night.


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

I so enjoyed it this week.



only caught the last bit of it. who is the little girl? hope to catch it later.

18 Apr, 2009


I watched it last night Scotkat and it was the first time I never recorded it because I thought it wouldn't be much good but it was better lol.

What a shame that Toby did the Auricula Theatre in the wrong colour.All the photos of the ones I have seen they are all painted in matt black which shows them off better.

I do wish though that Ayls would get rid of that tea towel she wears round her neck lol.

Good to see they have got a youngster on the programme,must be a first....

18 Apr, 2009


Good morning Seaburngirl and Tina2 the wee girl was called Lilyrose of a childrens programe.

I have asked my husband to make an Aricula theatre for me.

He is very busy but am sure I will get one made.

Although dont have any of the roof lead he used.

I have been doing demos up at our local craft unit .

I think I might mention if they would like a childrens workshop .

Dobbies have started this.

And yes around her neck bu tshe may still be feeling cold Tina2

18 Apr, 2009


no i didnt.i watched eden on sky though and sore my personal hero sir david attenbouragh excuse my spelling and the life of plants.just amazing. they had a seed that was 2000 years old planted it and it grew.even plants are more like us than youd think.nature is just something else

18 Apr, 2009


Don't forget to put up some photo's Scotkat if you ever get one made.I bought quiet a few Auricula's last year and have found they do better for me planted out in the garden.

We visited Ashwood Nurseries a few weeks ago and there were quiet a few of the fancy ones but we resisted as we know they will probably die on us,though having said that we got a nice one from our favourite nursery over the Easter holiday and I have taken some photo's.I will have to get them up on here for you to see....

NP I think David Attenborough is my all time favoutite Naturalist.I have watched all his wildlife programmes and have had a better education through his sharing of knowledge than I vere recieved when I was at school.I seem to remember seeing that one about that very old seed.I had some mirabellis seeds once that were quiet old so chucked them in the garden border thinking they had had it and they all grew,whereas if I had grown them in the proper conditions they would have pegged it lol...

18 Apr, 2009


We love Alys here, teatowel or no teatowel cos she looks so friendly and normal! Still missing Monty, but I should probably move on...
At present unfortunately I never remember to watch it, having been put off by some of the weirder episodes that got shown over the winter period. Maybe I'll write it in in red on my calendar, lol.

18 Apr, 2009


here here tina me to i hated school but watched animal programs all my life

18 Apr, 2009


Weeding I enjoy Alys and Tony they are so down to earth so to speak get it across nice on telly .

And love the new layout garden they are making.

You could always record it to watch later:)

19 Apr, 2009


good thinking batman lol

19 Apr, 2009


:) on a rainy day.

19 Apr, 2009


batman on a rainy day ? lol

19 Apr, 2009

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