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What should I do about a viburnum tinus spolit by slugs?

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I have a big viburnum tinus which has been blighted by snails/slugs for a few years now. It has become more and more unslightly - but given that it fills a huge space at the back of the garden I've not wanted to get rid of it or cut it back. However I have now concluded that something has to be done as the leaves are so wholly and horrid - even when it flowers, it doesn't look good. Should I prune it right back and if so when - or just dig it out completely and start again with something new?



I just planted one of these, I thought they were suppose to be pretty resistant to most things. Mine apparently got too wet from a lot of rain we've had and is not looking so good. The nursery staff told me to remove any mulch from around the shrub to help it dry. I don't know how thick yours is at the bottom but if you prune it maybe thin out the bottom some so the base can get some air. I've read pruning is done right after blooming has finished, if you wait too late it will only have blooms on top next year. Keep me updated.

16 Apr, 2009


Dig it out and find something nicer. I had one that was eaten by vine weevil every year, it just wasnt worth the effort

16 Apr, 2009


Prune it hard after flowering and it will recover. Do the leaves look like the plant has been shot at. small holes with brown edges/lacey effect? if yes it is a pest that i cant remember what it is called. collect all the dropped leaves and burn to remove the overwintering infection. I have decided i have to do it to mine too. Never found slug damage though.

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16 Apr, 2009


Thank you so much for your replies. Yes - it does look like it has been shot at with brown edges round the lacey holes. It is beginning to to flower but looks rubbish and am so fed up with it have taken the plunge and given it a great big prune - including round the base as suggested. At least it is less of any eyesore now. Will wait and see if it does recover on its own before taking any further action. Will keep the question updated for those who may be interested.

17 Apr, 2009


Just in case it's of any help to you, I was shocked to find loads of snails by my shed. They had hidden themselves under an old bag of compost!!! Another place was the long leaves of red hot poker. Have a look round your garden to see where they are living, it might save future plants?

18 Apr, 2009

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