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Photos of "sick" Eunonymus


By Dreeny8

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

When we moved to our present house, almost 4 years ago, we inherited a lot of plants and shrubs. In the middle of one side of the front lawn is a shrub, about 5 ft tall, very pretty and dainty, or was. I looked out the window a few days ago and suddenly realised it had turned brown!!.

I do not know what it is called exactly but the leaves look very much as though it could be one of the Eunonymus family. Close up all the leaves are speckled brown from the top to the bottom of the tree. My feeling is that it cannot be saved, but, then again, I do not know what is wrong with it.

Any ideas friends??


On plant "Eunonymos Japonica"

Close_up_japonica 2nd_best_japonica



Could you take a photo and post it with your question.
totally brown looks bad though.

scrape the bark off with your thumb nail. if it is green under neath then that bit is alive. you may find non of it is though.

15 Mar, 2012


I'll try to get a picture. I did the bark test the other day and there is no green. Every single leaf is effected, covered in brown spots.


16 Mar, 2012


oh dreeny8 that does not sound good.

16 Mar, 2012


Sounds like what's happened to one of mine - a mystery. sorry to be no help.

16 Mar, 2012


I am not exactly sure of the age of the shrub, but I am guessing at about 4-5 years. It is almost 6ft which I believe is the eventual size of a Eunonymus Japonica. I am guessing at a Japonica from various pictures I have now looked at. There is no leaf curl, so no insect activity.
I think I can say with a certain amount of confidence that
also it is not frost damage.

It is in the middle of a lawn, so very conspicuous. It was so pretty, but in its present condition is an eye sore. Does anyone think there is any hope if I take it down to ground level, providing there is no disease in the root, of course.

It did get very dry at one stage last summer, which I quickly remedied, but the brown spots really do look like it has been infected with something. I have another Eunonymus, a dwarf variety, growing in the border, and that is fine.


17 Mar, 2012

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