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My new friend has just lost her husband , and her late husband has about 10 fushure standards, the last cold three days plus the heating accidentely turned off by grand son.made the leaves dry ,look a bit dead,
one of these standard fusure is 30 years old,one of the family and was her dead husbends faverate plant,
the heating is back on now, do you think that 30 y old will servive or sprout?

On plant Standar Fushure




It has a very good chance, Daphne. It's much too early to abandon it, so with a little loving care it should be fine: I wish you (and the plant) good luck.

15 Mar, 2012


First hello and welcome to Goy Daphene

Sorry to here of your friends loss

I am sure they will be ok.

Scrape the bark and if green they will be fine.

Make sure they still get a tepid drink.

15 Mar, 2012


They can be allowed to dry off and lose all their leaves in winter and they regrow in spring. Keep them moist, not too dry or too wet, and try gently misting the branches with cool water several times a week to help them to sprout again.(Don't do it in full sun though)

16 Mar, 2012

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