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Why has my rhododendren gone 'thin' and leggy. I don't know the variety only that is has been in the garden for over 40 years. It is about 5 ft high and has pale pink flowers in late April early May. I mulch it with ericacious compost each year and water in special fertiliser after flowering but though it has buds on it, it is much less bushy since last spring. Is it on its way out? Is it old age?



Where are you in the UK Carol? Has it suddenly gone leggy or has this happened over a period of years? If you are in the drought ridden area of south east England I would not be surprised at any rhododendron being unhappy. It should respond to a good hard prune after flowering this year but will need to be kept well watered.

11 Mar, 2012


Thank you Moon growe. I am in Lincolnshire and yes it has been dry. Will try pruning and watering.

11 Mar, 2012

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