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climber to cover my shed

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what can i plant in a pot or tub that would grow to cover my shed? It is in partial shade and i would like it to grow quickly. Thankyou for any advice.



Hi a grape vine, withoubt a doubt.....great & you can eat the fruit. Perfeco !

14 Apr, 2009


A potato vine (Solanum). Evergreen, loves shades, flowers, long flowering, fast growing...perfect.
It'll need a big pot though.

14 Apr, 2009


I've got honeysuckle and Boston Ivy growing over disused pig house, all in partial shade. I have used a pot for Virginia creeper but cut the bottom out so that it's roots could go further. Otherwise they would all need a big pot I guess.

15 Apr, 2009


Clematis, virginia creeper, honeysuckle, a climbing rose. I'd be careful of the solanum if you have small children - the berries are pretty but toxic (the only solanum you eat the fruit of is tomatoes).

15 Apr, 2009


Probably the quickest cover is the Russian Vine. It is a thug, but pretty, so is probably better kept in a container.

15 Apr, 2009


Oh yes, the Russian Vine. As bulbaholic says though, it is a thug. I've got a piccie of one of the blossoms in my photo's if you want to see it.

15 Apr, 2009


I wouldn't touch Russian Vine with a barge pole - even in a pot. Thug doesn't even begin to cover it. I have seen a single plant cover a three storey building and show no signs of stopping!

Basially - most things fast-growing are that way because they get very, very big.

You could try a pretty Rosa 'New Dawn' - it will take partial shade and is a lovely shell pink and scented. All clematis could do but wouldn't be keen on drying out in a pot. Honeysuckle is woth a try and you can get evergreen varieties if you wanted year round cover.

15 Apr, 2009

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