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Help with labrador who thinks he's a landscape gardener!

New gardener here.

I would like your help with how to stop my young labrador from digging up all my newly planted bulbs!

As fast as I plant anything he comes along behind me and turfs it all out again!

Any advice greatly appreciated.



First hello and welcome to GOY Juliet42

:) A great little helper indeed I shame to tie him or her up.

Can you block of an area for your dog with a box hedge or little fence with a gate so you both have your area.

Good luck


10 Mar, 2012


Vigilance and training, I'm afraid, unless you section off an area for the puppy where he's contained.

10 Mar, 2012


I was going to say "Sell him and buy a pussycat" but cats are every bit as bad. He's only trying to help, bless him, and would probably feel very left out if you put him in a fenced off area. We know - our friends are having exactly the same problem with their Springer spaniel pup. Their beautiful garden looks like a war zone. As Bamboo says, I think some fairly rigorous training is about the only answer, but it won't happen overnight.

10 Mar, 2012


What happens when you say 'no' in a loud and firm way?

10 Mar, 2012


In my experience with enthusiastic puppies, Bryony, the NO has to be accompanied by a physical removal of the animal off whatever they're doing so they get it - eventually. And then a firm NO should work from a distance.

10 Mar, 2012


Thank you all for your replies. I've decided to try the firm "no!",and have put a small fence up around the bulb planted area. I think he's slowly getting the idea!

10 Mar, 2012


i would after owning dogs all my life make a thin dog run down the side of the garden with the end left as a soak away and lay cement slabs down the actual run so it rubs there nails down and you can hose it down . your not going to be able to say know when he/she either wees on your lawn and kills it or cocks his leg up plants and kills them . your not going to want to go out late at night shouting NO when he/she needs the loo and decides to dig . this problem is going to happen for anything from 10 to 14 years or if your lucky more . dont get me wrong let the dog in your part of the garden when you are in there and get him to behave as its importent training for dominance and good behaviour but its not always practical . i have 6 dogs so have made the dog run part of my garden . it doesnt have to be ugly as you can have raised plantersetc in it . my garden is on a phew of my blogs if youd luike to look . its a point thats very seldom addressed on all these gardening makeover programs even thow one in three or four of us own dogs . i hope this is helpfull . take care bye for now .

10 Mar, 2012

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