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Hi I have been trying to buy Daphne mae jima and Geisha Girl as both mine didnt survive the hash winter can anyone help Daphnes are becoming a problem to source I am glad I found this site,please please help

On plant Daphne



Macmarky - see my reply on your previous question

9 Mar, 2012


Hi Andrew R I live on the Isle of Mull,I recently moved from Norfolk where I had to leave an extensive collection of Daphnes.I am disabled and am finding it hard to source daphnes ,I brought about 20 with me but its the unusual ones I cannot get.Do you sell any at all.I love your Blagyana photo.regards Macmarky

10 Mar, 2012


Sorry Macmarky, I don't sell any

10 Mar, 2012


Thats a shame,never mind.

10 Mar, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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