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I have noticed a tree in flower at the moment , producing delicate white or pink flowers. Any idea of the name of this tree? I have lost quite a few trees in my garden and am looking to replace a couple and fancy a variety which gives me colour in early spring. Also would want a tree that I could contain and prune as it will be planted at back of large border. Thank you.



there are several, there is a flowering cherry as well as a Viburnum. so if you could take a photo it would help an identification.
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8 Mar, 2012


Probably one of the Prunus group - this includes flowering cherries, peach, almond and plum, so a very large group.

8 Mar, 2012


my cherry is flowering as we speak or should i say type lol thow the flowers grow on last years growth so thats know good for pruning .

8 Mar, 2012


My Viburnum dawn is in flower and the scent is lovely

9 Mar, 2012


Sounds like a prunus variety as bamboo suggests. Bird cherry is also lovely and the blackbirds go crazy for the bitter fruits!! Try google images on prunus to help you identify better. Blackthorn is currently in flower, but has a white flower with a shrubby type small tree. If you want a small tree, then go for a dwarf stock of any of the prunus, cherry etc recommended by bamboo. If your local garden centre cannot help then try for information in leominster, herefordshire. They welcome visitors.

10 Mar, 2012

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