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What causes green nodules and/ or dropping leaves in a Fatisia Japonica grown indoors in a pot? I gave a start to a friend last summer and it was doing great. He has it in his bathroom. I know the leaves dropping could be too much water (or too little) but the nodule thing I can't find anything about. ??? any ideas??? Thanks.



sounds like galls from being damaged by insects. any chance of a photo to show what you mean. some might exude a crystalline sap from the leaf edges but its hard to say with out a picture.
add the picture to this question rather than start a fresh thread ;)
welcome to goy.

6 Mar, 2012


yes welcome to goy . thow you can grow fatsia indoors ive always found its happier outside in the ground depending on what part of the usa you live .

6 Mar, 2012


Thanks for the interest. I have requested a picture from my friend but he hasn't sent one yet. I have mine outdoors in a huge container (made by my husband) and it is doing great. If it is galls, what does he do? Cut them off, spray? We live in Eastern Oregon, USA.

6 Mar, 2012


if they are gals then if he want to he can remove the affected leaves. they are usually a corky growth a bit like a scab when we cut ourselves. He needs to see if he can see any pests [sap suckers in particular] and treat accordingly.

6 Mar, 2012

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