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How can I glue a plug in a zinc bath to sealit to make a water feature ?



What about using silicon from a DIY store. If you intend to have any wildlife in there, use silicon from a pet/aquarium shop.

5 Mar, 2012


exactly whta i was going to suggest andy. the pet shop stuff is the same as the bathroom stuff. check the prices for best value.

5 Mar, 2012


The bathroom stuff often has chemicals put in to stop mould and is poisonous so don't use it if you want to keep aquatic life.

6 Mar, 2012


the thing is that the normal silicon is only good for a watertight seal when used in conjunction with glass . on any other material it is just water resistant . there is a new silicone product that comes in black and some other colours i believe that will waterproof things . i forget the name but i got it from ridgeons and it was about £10 . my springer desided a while back that hed like to jump in my 2000 gallon pond after 10 years . when he got out he holed the liner with his back claws . i was beside myself thinking how im going to fix it . i found this stuff and glued a patch on at the water level while it was wet after cleaning the algi of with a kitchen scourer . touch wood its fine still . i believe some other diy shops that make a similer product like b and q . sorry i cant remember the name .

6 Mar, 2012

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