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How do you make a tree "weep" ?


By Pebbles

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

We have a young Katy apple tree which we would like to change from an upward growing one to a weeping one.
Someone has suggested hanging weights on the branches. Is this the best idea?



How about tying some string to the branchs and tying then down to the ground with stakes?

12 Apr, 2009


Wiring them in the position you want?

12 Apr, 2009


Have you cut the main stem to the height you want the tree to grow? My hubby did and it encouraged side shoots to grow. Every year he then cuts all upward shoots and cross shoots. It's a beautiful shape now, looks like a weeping cherry tree. Will take a photo of it tomoz.

15 Apr, 2009


Have added a pic of my small apple tree to show you it's shape. Have a look!

18 Apr, 2009

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