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I'm quite new to Heucheras and mine are looking very "flat"at the minute,is that how they are suposed to look at this time of year?I have read somewhere that you are suposed to cut the leaves,can someone remind me when that is please.



First let me say hello and welcome Poppy Linda

I have many in pots and they are now starting to perk up with new shoots.

Be Patient but if your leaves are looking tatty prune back a little.

Can you post a photo to let us see.

Vicky1 is the expert for helping you Poppylinda.

21 Feb, 2012


Thanks Scotkat,still learning all this technical stuff,but because I have time today decided to persevere,I think I may have managed to get them on to my laptop,here cant do it....this is SO frustrating!!!!!!!especially as did manage it once before..I WILL keep trying until I loose patience tho.......

21 Feb, 2012


Leave 'em alone till they start growing again - tidy them up a bit at that point, if they need it. You can dig them up and split and replant the sections in autumn if you need to.

21 Feb, 2012

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