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i have a plumb tree that i want to cut down. once i have cut trunk down to ground level what is the best way to kill off stump and roots? all opinions gratefully recieved. thanks



You can get a stump killing chemical from any DIY shed

20 Feb, 2012


many thanks

20 Feb, 2012


It helps when your down to the stump to either make several deep cuts into it with a saw or drill several deep holes into it to pour whatever stump killer you choose into it.

Alternatively you could keep the stump at a decent hight and grow an ivy over it?

20 Feb, 2012


If it is anything like the Greengage ( a type of Plum) which we have sadly had to remove then leaving a stump is not to be recommended as the tree will sucker all over the place.

20 Feb, 2012


About 8 yrs ago, in our last house, Hubby cut the plum tree down to 5ft and made a lovely birdhouse to go on top of it. It's still there when I drive past. Hubby died over 2yrs ago and I'm glad to see his efforts have lasted. Where I live now, 6yrs ago Hubby cut a plum tree down to ground level, drilled and filled it with stump killer and lots of nasty things. It still hasn't rotted away at all and is even developing a bit of a shine on the bare wood! I look on it as a feature now!

21 Feb, 2012


As someone else said, drill holes into the stump after you've taken it down as low as you can. Fill the holes with SBK brushwood killer, used neat. Cover with something, a slab, piece of plastic, whatever, and leave. This should not only kill the stump, but also prevent sucker growth. It will not, though, make the stump wood rot down any quicker, that will disintegrate over time.

21 Feb, 2012

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