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Where do I get lawn daisy seeds?


By Dave09

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

My lawn has no daisies. Last year I dug up ten in the park and planted them in the lawn, but they didn't survive. Clover, dandelions, moss etc grow very happily. Is it possible to buy seeds for ordinary lawn daisies? All the wildflower websites seem to have giant daisies but not little ones.

On plant Bellis perennis



Well thats unusual Dave09!! My grass is full of the flipping things LOL, never seen any seeds for daisies, if i get any on mine will let you know and post you some!!

12 Apr, 2009


If it is Bellis perennus, then you can get them from Chiltern Seeds cat. no. 192D. As there is no photograph I am no 100% sure it is the lawn daisy, but is described as a native british daisy.

12 Apr, 2009


Thanks for the replies. Lizinskip, thanks for pointing me to Chiltern Seeds, 192D is indeed described as "true wild form". Hope its the little lawn daisy and not one of the big ones. I will email them and ask...

14 Apr, 2009


Just found daisy seed on a site called kissmygrass
On the main home page go down to the seed section and you get an alphabetical list. Go to Bellis perennis and you will find the common daisy which is DEFINITELY the right kind, but you will be horrified at the price!

21 Apr, 2009


Thanks Ehurley, you're right that's a silly price for daisy seeds! Or perhaps they should just do smaller quantities, since they claim 0.1kg contains 800,000 seeds! That's plenty of daisies. Chiltern seeds has them at a normal price but have ignored my email.

Anyway today I found a single daisy plant, with flowers, in my drive, where I was spraying weedkiller, so I transplanted it to the lawn. This is the first one I've ever seen here. Hopefully I didn't get it with the pathclear and it will survive and spread.

22 Apr, 2009


I found common lawn daisy seeds on As you say, they're really expensive by weight, but they do a 'seed tray packet' for about 1.71. I would prefer daisies to the dandelion and dock plague that I seem to have this spring, so I'll be ordering some. Meanwhile, I hope the one from you drive has established itself!

7 May, 2009


Yes it has thanks Alison, it has 8 flowers on at the moment! But it almost died a few days after moving it, because I forgot to water it for one day! Considering they're called "weeds" (no such thing of course) I'm surprised how vulnerable they are when moved. Hopefully its got some roots in by now.

9 May, 2009

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