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~I have just taken possession of a large rhubarb crown, what should i do with it to get the best out of it ?



The short (sarcastic?) answer is 'plant it'. But to get the best you need a well manured/composted patch of a few square meters, preferably in a moist, i.e. not sandy, loam. Don't forget that if you intend to force it do not do so for at least 3 years after it has been re-housed, even if it is large. That could weaken it for years.

19 Feb, 2012


I'd add to put a lot of well rotted manure or compost in the hole you dig as this is what will feed the crown for years to come. As you are planting late do not be tempted to harvest any of the stems this year let the crown establish itself.

19 Feb, 2012


When you plant it remember that it will cover a lot more space than you would think when it gets established so make sure you site it suitably - if you have to move it later you will lose a year's crop. (I just did...)

19 Feb, 2012

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