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By Niki

United Kingdom Gb

i have recently moved house and there are lots of rabbits, at least 30 per day coming into the garden grazing, i dont want to get rid of them but would like to know what plants they dont eat, if anyone has any recomendations i would be gratefull. niki



you can get them shrub and tree protecters so the rabbits cant kill the shrubs,trees before they gow but i think most plants are fair game for a rabbit if there young.failing that go over your local commen land wear there are waild rabbits and see what grows there.a wild meadow mite be the answer.i hope i helped take care bye fo now

11 Apr, 2009


thats a lot of rabbits , I honestly think you would need to stop the rabbits by digging in a rabbit fence........................ your garden will be stripped of plants they eat anything as np says and they will burrow in the garden as well

11 Apr, 2009


I would second Mc answer. I would personally try to fence them off. What about putting up some chicken wire with posts? That should not be too expensive and you will still have your view.

12 Apr, 2009


chicken wire is good but you would need to dig it in at the bottom at an angle towards the outside , so that when the rabbit try to burrow under they are actually on the fence and cant burrow under, dont do this and the fence wont stop em.

13 Apr, 2009

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