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do bark chippings in borders reduce slug and snail activity


By Spot

United Kingdom Gb

i have problems with slugs and snails attacking my border plants,would putting down bark chippings reduce slug and snail activity



The best way to organically slow down slugs and snails is to go out at night with a torch and hand pick them off your plants. I used to dispose of them by putting them in a bucket and pouring salt over them, in some water.

Slug pellets don't actually kill the slugs, all that happens is they eat the pellets but then kill the hedgehogs who then eat them.

Sharp sand and stone is a good way to deter them, as they cut the soft bellies.

Another way is to lay beer traps (plastic cup/container with beer in) which they then drown in.

You can also buy copper collars to put round each plant.

But I've not heard of bark doing any good.

Lastly, don't water your plants at night, coz that makes it easier for the pests to travel to the plants. Dry ground makes it harder for them.

10 Apr, 2009


in my experience the bark mulch makes no difference. The newer form of slug pellets do kill the slugs and snails, they turn to liquid. The newer ones are not supposed to affect hedgehogs or birds if they eat a dieing slug.

the hollowed skin of grapefruit/oranges are a good slug/snail trap. when you pick them up in the morning you can dispose of the limy little critters.

10 Apr, 2009


Well just to be awkward - I have lotsof slugs and snails and I've found that using a bark mulch does reduce the activity although it doesn't cure the problem. They don't seem to like travelling over the coarse material.

10 Apr, 2009


you're not being awkward celandine. perhaps north yorks slugs/snails are 'harder' than east yorks ones. That makes me smile actually. slither this way if you're hard enough! I can just imagine an army of snails with a regimental seargent major putting them through their paces. [no i have not been at the wine - yet!]

10 Apr, 2009


Perhaps Icould do with some of the wine! Just been having a rough time with a sever stomach infection - still feel groggy. I'm fed up with sneaky slugs. Found one in the greenhouse nibbling some of my plants for hanging baskets.

17 Apr, 2009


lost 50% of my ageratum seedlings then found the snail hiding under the staging. arrgh

17 Apr, 2009

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