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Hi everybody,
I am a physicist not a botanist. I need help from some of the botany researchers. I am searching for on antispiral movement of the tedrils of ashgourd (winter melon) creeper from the research on the subject. It may be done by a botanist, physicist or a biophysicist. Can you provide any paper on the antispiral movement of the tendrils?

On plant genus Benincasa



Unlikely, most of us are gardeners rather than botanists. There are only 2 people I can think of on the site who might possibly be able to help - Tugbrethil or Seaburngirl, but perhaps one or other of them will see this question.

25 Jan, 2012


Or perhaps use a search engine and hello bye the way .

25 Jan, 2012


Google produced this site which may be of help to you ...

25 Jan, 2012


Whew! I had some botanical training--back in 1977-1980! : ] Unfortunately, antispiral movement to tendrils is something new to me. I will research this, and if I find something that makes sense to me, I will pass it along.
Wish me luck!!

25 Jan, 2012


Well, I found a number of sites and articles dealing with the movement of tendrils in a number of plants, but there was nothing relating to "antispiral", and the only items relating to "anti spiral" were anime and video game characters! Are you sure that that is the proper term, Vishwanaya?

26 Jan, 2012

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