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Container grown Broccoli


By Sewerby

United Kingdom Gb

Can you recommend a broccoli variety for growing in containers in a small garden?



I can't recommend you a specific variety, but I do think you may struggle to get good results.

Brassicas in general require very firm soil, well limed, and do not do well in container conditions, or compost mediums. If you do give it a go, try and use a fair proportion of garden soil in the tub, not just a multi purpose compost, and pack it down well.

Hope this is helpful.

7 Apr, 2009


Johhny's Seed has some broccoli specifically created for small spaces. Check them out. :)

7 Apr, 2009


I'm growing Broccoli 'Bordeaux' from plug plants in a container filled with a mixture of John innes No. 3 and multi-purpose compost. It's a summer-ripening tenderstem type of broccoli rather than the type that stays in the ground all summer and winter and then shoots in the following spring. I've ordered mine from Marshalls Seeds. Don't know how they'll go though!

7 Apr, 2009

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