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Grapevine- bleeding sap after winter pruning

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I inherited a vast rambling grape vine at my new property which had been allowed to climb over the shed roof, and 30 feet up a pine tree. Consequently it had very small, poor quality fruits the last two years. Having read up on how to prune it, I cut it back quite dramatically, to two buds, just before Christmas, when the sap was dormant, and it did not bleed at all at the time.

I now have new buds forming all over which is encouraging, but 4 places where I had to cut quite thick vines to get it out of the tree, (slightly thicker than my thumb) have now started bleeding alarmingly. A steady drip, drip. I bought some "prune & seal" gum made by Arbex, and have applied two coats, first scorching the cut ends with a blow torch as directed on the instructions, but it has had no effect. The sap still oozes unchecked, and is probably preventing the gum from setting.

I guess I should sealed it when I first pruned it, and it was a dry wound, but I was advised it wouldn't be necessary.
Will it stop bleeding as new growth develops and takes up the sap, or is it likely to bleed to death?

Any ideas for stopping it?

Many thanks guys



I truly don't know if this would work, but what if you bought a lot of ice and placed it at the base of the main trunk and also on the wound? perhaps you could 'fool' the vine into thinking winter is returning, and it would slow the bleeding enough for you to get the sealer to dry on the wound? I hope, no matter what, you do find a solution to this.

7 Apr, 2009


Thanks for your interest Nicci... I suspect that the vine decides when spring is, and thus when to start producing sap, based on day length rather than temperature though.

I might try something quicker drying like bathroom sealant or even supper glue though....



7 Apr, 2009


it will stop of its own accord so dont worry.I'd not do anything to it now. I have never had this problem and i prune at christmas too. I had to cut a main stem in mid summer last year and it dripped for about 14 days. but it continued to fruit well and the buds are just starting to break now.

7 Apr, 2009

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