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to fill or not to fill heated propagator withgrowing medium or just stand pots in it



We do both depending on what it is we are propagating

10 Jan, 2012


following on from above; filling with compost is just for specialist requirements as it requires a lot of follow up attention. It is usually more conveniant to sow/plant in smaller containers placed in the propagator. We add a small pot of water to keep up the humidity.

10 Jan, 2012


I tend to use some compost under the seed trays as it distributes the heat and moisture evenly, its quite an old one without a variable thermostat

10 Jan, 2012


I just put a thin layer of sand over mine.

10 Jan, 2012


Mine has a layer of water absorbent matting that just needs keeping damp. Works a treat.

10 Jan, 2012


that sounds a cleaner way Steragram

11 Jan, 2012

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