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Please can someone tell me what this bush is at the bottom of my garden

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Thank you for all who answerd my question,what I would like to know now are the berries edible To animals or humane's

On plant Ribes Sanguineum Flower currant




It's a flowering currant, ribes sanguineum, one of the best spring-flowering shrubs. To keep it in check, prune out the wood that carried the flowers when they have finished

4 Apr, 2009


agree with Andrew. its a lovely specimen. if you like you mattie you keep it.

4 Apr, 2009


It sure is a beautiful flowering bush. If you like it and it is not invasive then keep it. Some of what we call "weeds" are natural to the area and make beautiful garden plants. I don't know what the name of it is.If it was me, I would keep it. It sure is pretty!


4 Apr, 2009


I have one of these and its one of my favourites, flowers every year one of the first to come into flower, i'd leave it it looks like a nice specimen.

4 Apr, 2009


Mattie...Just tell your son that the bush is making less work for him due to he don't have to mow there. :)

5 Apr, 2009


Wish my old flowering currant had flowered like that. It flowered so sparsely that I ended up digging it up. If I were you I'd definitely keep this one. It's native to the US not the UK and people buy the plants for the early flowers.

5 Apr, 2009


blimey that's a bit harsh, who would want to tear up and burn a beautiful bush like that,
yes it is a ribes (flowering current). Lovely. We get it everywhere in the UK too

6 Apr, 2009

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