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What else can I plant in a "strawberry pot"?

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I have a large clay strawberry pot. I have tried unsuccessfully for years to actually grow strawberries in said pot, with no luck. What other kinds of plants has anyone had luck with in their stawberry pots? I appreciate any advice.



i fill some of mine with bizzie lizzies and put it semi shady.
i also put verbenas and lobellia etc [any hanging basket plant really] and then into sun. I add water retaing crystals to the compost as i find terracota dries out easily.

3 Apr, 2009


Yes - as Seaburngirl says - they do dry out quickly. The terracotta sucks water out of the compost and then when you go to water, it all pours out of the holes! Some Sempervirens (House Leeks) would do well in it. Check out GoY member Jacque who has one filled with daisies - simple idea but very pretty.

3 Apr, 2009


I've grown herbs in mine in thepast quite successfully. I had a pipe in it that went top to bottom with holes periodically so all the plants got water when I watered it which seemed to work well.

3 Apr, 2009


I have heard of that same trick Anniekimm, Use a 1 inch PVC pipe and drill holes. Water through the tube as well as the pot and the water is absorbed slowly and more thoroughly.

4 Apr, 2009

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