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Further problems with clay soil


By Davev

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Need advice on what to do regarding making gass better that is growing on clay soil, stays quite yellow/green and keeps getting alot of moss growing in it no matter treating it with lawn feeds/ weed killers and such like, any advice please.???



Scroll down to Kmcentee's question, the same will be suitable for you.

3 Apr, 2009


Yes, that's a hard one..Clay is not really good for growing much (well Roses like some clay). Depending on how large your area is and how much money you want to spend there are a couple of options. You need to a sand and humus mixture and mulch into your soil. You can also use peat moss but it will raise the acidity so test and then likely add agricultural lime to raise the PH. You should till this into the soil to a depth of 4 inches or more. At that point, depending on your budget, you'll need to re-sod or begin from seed. The grass that is on there now will be sacrificed into the till.

Good Luck RM

3 Apr, 2009

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