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Need advice on buying a new spade and fork...

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I have had my current postage stamp size garden for about 10 years, and have decided enough is a enough (after getting rid of the massive trampoline - hurrah!!), I want to move some plants, redo the beds, put in shrubs and give it some shape and substance. I have spent a long time planning out the beds, have researched the plants etc (via this fab site), and now I need help - I need a spade and fork to dig out the beds (the others bent and broke) what can anyone recommend that is affordable in these cash-strapped times? Also has anyone got any advice on digging out the bed (how do the edges not "creep"?).
Many thanks for your time, I know I will be coming back with a lot more questions soon



The simple answer is the best you can possibly afford - stainless steel are far and away the best. Personally I find a border fork and spade suit me and my strength better than full size. It's worth looking for special offers in some of the big diy multiples and garden centres. Also have a look on for ranges.

1 Apr, 2009


That is useful - I see what you are saying about buying the best I can afford, I guess if I had done that before I wouldn't be buying more now!
And now a really silly question - did I say I was new to this?! - does the spade not have to be flat edged to edge the bed??
I am almost embarrassed about asking this - sorry!

1 Apr, 2009


All spades are slightly curved as this makes for easier digging. In most cases the curve is so shallow that the slightly scalloped edge to the bed is not noticable.
If you really want it to be flat and straight you can also buy an edging tool. Instead of a spade at the bottom of the handle there is a half moon shaped blade with which you cut the edge of the grass before removing it with the spade.

1 Apr, 2009


Hi Welcome to GOY.
I suppose it would depend on how precise you want your border edge. I just created two flower beds with a pointed shovel....They look good to me. :o)
You could also look into an edging tool which is a spade type thing but the blade flat and looks like a semi-circle.

1 Apr, 2009


Ha ha ha, Bulbaholic....we posted at the same time. :o)

1 Apr, 2009


:-0) :-0)

1 Apr, 2009


Thanks for your answers - and also for you patience, and the fact that you didn't laugh ;-)
I already have a half moon edger, that I get a sense of satisfaction from, not sure why maybe it is the straight edge thing, I will give it a go.

Can't wait for my next day off, and then I have 2 weeks off to get on top of the garden, and put my plan into action. More questions to follow no doubt - thanks.

1 Apr, 2009


I am absolute poo with garden equipment! Get stuff with a 25 year saves arguments at the garden centre when it buckles and bends!

1 Apr, 2009


well done on getting rid of that trampoline!
I'm currently resisting requests from my youngest. Definitely think this is something she can enjoy at friends' houses. (wot a MEAN mommy)
I just don't want to gaze on a plastic/metal monster. Footballs etc are ok though, so i'm not completely heartless...

2 Apr, 2009


Thanks again - I have "treated" myself to some stainless steel border fork and spade, they are lovely and manageable (for that read small which suits me fine), and they are shiney and lovely - can't believe I got so excited about them! I went non-wooden handles, though I prefered those, as I know I wouldn't oil them and could be liable to leave them out - very happy, thanks for the advice everyone :-)

6 Apr, 2009

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