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Can you move a red robin


By Ttandh

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I have a mature red robin tree (about 8ft tall), it is the wrong place but rather than just chopping it down, I would really like to move it. Is there any chance it could be moved successfully and if so what is the best way of doing it? How deep do the roots go?



It isn't really the right time to move a shrub - and I think you may be pushing it a bit with a mature Photinia that size. If you really have to do it, then prepare the planting hole first and dig a trench around the Photinia before getting as much of the rootball as you can out onto a sack or tarpaulin - get it planted at once and water it in. Give it a feed, as well.

Good luck - I think you'll need it!

29 Mar, 2009


If you do move it cut back some of the branches, this will avoid putting strain on the root system .

29 Mar, 2009


Moving it at this time - when growing strongly - is fine if you are strong enough to manage it. The trick is to take as much soil as you can (so it hardly knows it's been moved !!); As in the first reply - dig a trench around it first, before burrowing underneath. With such a large rootball It will then be very heavy, so my method is to rock it forward, in order to get a large plastic sheet underneath halfway; then back, so you can pull the sheet through the other side. The Photonia (by then sitting on the plastic) can then be dragged out. Clearly much easier if there are two of people doing this, but I have managed it on my own and am a happy 'retiree'. I have used this method several times, and not lost one yet. Using this methos it is possible to move a mature rose, in full bloom, and not lose a petal.

Persoanlly I would avoid pruning it, as the tree will have enough to doing replacing any damaged roots without replacing leaves as well. Again, Photinia is tough as old boots and, if you are careful, will move with barely a pause in growth.

30 Mar, 2009


hi i moved my red robin 2 weeks ago and all its leaves have falling off can you tell me if the plant has died or will it settle and reproduce new growth thanks

27 Jul, 2015

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