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wild ivy problem

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The unseen side of my house that overlooks my neighbour has over the years been over run with wild ivy. This has now reached roof level and covers the whole side of the house. How can I get rid of it efficiently, effectively,easily? and for good.



go right to the very base and cut it at ground level.job done though being wild it must of got there somehow so just keep your eye out for new growth and do the same.getting it of your house or wall id leave it to die back a bit .it will get more brittle.depends how long you can look at dead ivy on your wall realy.i hope i helped

27 Mar, 2009


Cut out a 2ft. high strip from ground level upwards. Leave the top to die back, it will be a mess for some time, but left to dry and die is better than pulling it off and damaging your wall. NP is right, find the top of the big roots at ground level, drill out a half inch hole and fill with rid-a-root. Plug the top of the hole with putty.

27 Mar, 2009


sounds like a plan

27 Mar, 2009


hope your fealing better doc

27 Mar, 2009


Thank you for asking Leigh,
Yes, feeling a little better now, getting a bit mobile, want to get back to work but not ready for a bit yet. Sorry if I am hogging the questions on GOY, it's keeping me occupied at the moment.

27 Mar, 2009


you go for it doc .its better to have more than one angle on an answer mate.your often more right than me .dont push it doc not worth it mate.youve bean through a lot .sometimes looking from a different perspective at a question gives only a different answer not better or worse but possibly more suitibly to the persen who wants the answer lol any way take care doc

27 Mar, 2009


thanks for this people, i have problem with ivy growing through a privet hedge, its given me some ideas how to get rid!

27 Mar, 2009


your welcome sewing

28 Mar, 2009

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