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how can a kill an ivy that has grown out of control, I wont be able to cut it back the roots are in next dooors garden the ivy is growing up over a six foot fence and that the only acess i've got to kill the ivy


By Bubbles

United Kingdom Gb

how to kill an ivy tree overgrown over a 6ft fence with no acess to roots wont be able to cut it back?



hi bubbles, i have the same problem at the bottom of my garden, instead of working against it i work with it, I keep my side cut back and nicely trimmed and ive grew to like it, i get privacy and a green backdrop to the planting...If you lok at my pics you will see it...

26 Mar, 2009


Hey Bubbles - If you're on good terms with your neighbor maybe they'd let you go round and cut the ivy at its base - if you're unlikely to get access then you can cut the ivy where it comes over the fence on to your side. It means having a bit of a rummage through the foliage and cutting the strands that you want rid of. A bit like giving it a haircut! Dont try to pull off the bits you've cut straight away, as they die back and the little sucker bits dry up they're much easier to remove. Once its cleared its much easier to keep under control in the future.

26 Mar, 2009


you can get an ivy killer , you just wipe the liquid on the leaves and it goes into the plant right down to the roots and kills it ......................steve

27 Mar, 2009


im with daisy though i just let it go mad .i get pigeons breeding in it.i like it .got to look better than can cause damage so the best you can do is perhaps chat to the neighber.they mite not want it either i dont know how id feal if my neighber killed my ivy or any plant just because it hangs or grows on there fargen.i guess if it causes damage youve got a right not to have it on your side so just trim it back every time it invades a bit is my advise.

27 Mar, 2009

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