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indoor daff bulbs


By Tosh

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

thank you to owdboggy and seaburngirl for your help with the rabbit/apple tree thing - but I have another, totally unrelated question! I was given some little daffs in a pot at Christmas. They finished flowering in early Feb and I let them die back in the garden shed when the flowers had gone. I'd like to plant them in the garden at some point but don't know what time of year I should do so - presumably, by flowering so early in the year, their little internal clocks are a bit out of whack? Whats the verdict?



Now! it's best to plant them as soon as the flowers have faded, but it's not too late. If you left them, they'd probably rot away. Next year, they should flower at their normal time. Give them a small handful of bonemeal and water them in.

Good luck!

24 Mar, 2009


The tiny daffs in the shops are usually 'Tete-a Tete' and mine have been flowering in the garden for a couple of weeks. Plant them out now as per Spritz's advice.

24 Mar, 2009

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