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Large Bay Tree

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We have a very large, well established bay tree that began it's life in a fairly large pot.It is still in said pot, but has obviously rooted into the ground beneath. Should we remove the pot altogether, break out the bottom so the roots have more room, or leave well alone?



If you break the pot, you'll have an exposed root ball - if you lift it to break out the bottom, you'll damage the roots. I'd leave it alone, provided you don't mind its sitting in the same spot as it is.

7 Nov, 2011


I would leave the tree until the springtime. Then cut off the roots which are below the pot. There will still be all of the main rootball still in the pot. You will find that there will be little soil remaining in the pot so, knock it out of the pot and plant in the garden.

7 Nov, 2011


Tough old things once established, i would think they can stand any amount of abuse :0)

9 Nov, 2011


The biggest consideration might be whether actually want a full grown bay tree in the ground, whether the top remains in a pot or not, because it will to all intents and purposes ignore the pot now its escaped at the bottom - they cast incredibly dense shade.

10 Nov, 2011

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