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when can I prune a melianthus major?


By Ettapat

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

I have a pt grown honey bush (melianthus major) it survived this icy winter outside now needs pruning when should I do it?



Hi, I have a Mellianthus Cosmosus which is the smaller version of this shrub and I pruned mine a couple of days ago. I have it in a pot at the moment and I have put it in a sheltered position. As log as the root ball has survived and stays frost free you should be fine

22 Mar, 2009


Thanks for info, I should have said it never lost it's it's foliage and continued to grow new leaves, despite the worst winter for 30 years! There's now quite a lot of new growth, I was concerned that pruning might kill it.

22 Mar, 2009

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