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how do I winterise my geraniums please? I live in South Yorkshire UK



If perennial, then no action needed. If they are the more showy Pelargoniums(?) then they need to be in a frost-free place. You could take cuttings as insurance.

24 Oct, 2011


And to add to that - keep them really dry - only a dribble of water occasionally.

24 Oct, 2011


+ they need some light,but not heat,although as Sheila says,they HAVE to be kept in a frost free environment or they will perish.

24 Oct, 2011


Pick off all brown leaves and old flowers and keep them clean over winter to avoid fungal problems. Only water in warm spells. They can take a lot of dryness and will survive lower temps better if kept dry. Start to water regularly again in March/April.

24 Oct, 2011


I put mine in the porch for the winter and they carry on flowering all through the winter, great value for money.

24 Oct, 2011


Winterise??? Never heard that one before.

26 Oct, 2011


No, but we knew what was meant. :)

26 Oct, 2011


Yes. I intuitized it. :))

28 Oct, 2011


Lol Stera! We need a Goy dictionary on here for all our made up words!

29 Oct, 2011


Are you volunteering? ;)

31 Oct, 2011


Yes, Grandmage has volunteerised for the job!!

4 Nov, 2011


Lol Volunteer, does she know?

Jofrench, I hope you don't mind the fun we have had with this, and I hope your geraniums come through the winter safely!

4 Nov, 2011


Well said Stera . . . I expect Jofrench is imaginising that we're an eccentric bunch. :))

5 Nov, 2011


I wonder where she could get that idea from???

5 Nov, 2011


Hey, Volunteer, think you should volunteer! Have just spotted this thread!!!! Lol

6 Nov, 2011

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