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my tree fern has had no frond this year, but there are still some curled up green one's inside, but havent come to anything,is it dead ?? or is it worth protecting it again this year.



I would deffo protect again this year. My mother-in-laws went like that this year then after watering daily "boom" there they were. However that never happenned until atleast late july begfinning of august. It was a tad late for the fronds to uncoil but they were there.
Dont give up just yet. Wait again until next year and then if nothing then simply use it as a feature in the garden as the trunk still looks good as it is with or without fronds. Sometimes the frond can be a tad late. I suppose they get sloppy and tired as we do. lol x

19 Oct, 2011


I'd protect it as well - if it comes through the winter, when we get to mid/late April, try pouring a sugary water solution into the top - that sometimes encourages the plant to put out its fronds.

19 Oct, 2011

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