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Is there anyway of stopping Yew trees from producing their berries; perhaps a spray or solution you can add to the soil?

I love my Yew tree but my neighbour is getting fed up with the berries being trodden into his house. He suggested hammering brass nails into the trunk and this supposedly stops it producing berries but I think this may kill it altogether.

Any suggestions would be great.



Yew trees require a male and a female for the female to produce berries. This means that your tree is a female and that there is a male close by. I would think that removing the male would be the only way to stop the production of berries. What a shame, the berries are one of the beauties of a yew tree and you should think yourself lucky to have them. Tell your neighbour to mind where he puts his feet!

15 Oct, 2011


Not sure where the male is as my tree is on its own in my front garden and there isn't another tree in sight... and I've already suggested my neighbour be more careful where he steps =] (luckily he has a good sense of humour!!)

thanks for your reply though =]

15 Oct, 2011


you are right the nails will kill your tree. buy him /tell him to buy a doormat! :o) [silly man]

15 Oct, 2011


I've heard copper nails banged into the trunk will kill a tree - never tried it though.

15 Oct, 2011


Or one of you could cut the Yew back away from his path. Or sweep up once a week.

15 Oct, 2011


The only other way to prevent berry formation to a large degree is to shear the tree over once the flowers have appeared - get rid of the flowers and berry formation will not take place.

16 Oct, 2011


thanks for all your comments. My neighbour isn't being horrible, the berries are a nuisance because they're sticky and we have cut the branches back but by doing that it produces more berries. Also, if it is windy it doesn't matter if you have cut the branches back or not because the berries get blown all over the place. Thanks again though for replying =]

16 Oct, 2011

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