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sorry back to my old question again......what seeds and plants do we take with us to the philippines this december in the hope of growing them there




Nothing, the climate is so different that anything that will grow happily in the UK will not grow in the Philippines. You need to do a Google search for plants that will grow. And if your next Q on roses is a plan to take them to the Philippines you are unlikely to be successful.

13 Oct, 2011


I took over seeds for a friend who has a nursery/GC in BF. We took some veggies that she can't get seeds for over here, nothing worked very well. She grew all her plants up in Tagaytay where it is cooler.
If you really want to try something - why don't you try annuals - there are some similar looking but not the same.
I see you are not away until December, if you can give me a couple of days I will speak to my SIL and her friends. One of them loves gardening so I expect she will be able give much better advice.

14 Oct, 2011


Check out Chiltern seeds - they have a large range which includes many tender (in the UK) plants.

They do Erythrina crista galli amongst others.

14 Oct, 2011


Scottish, please excuse my ignorance, but where is BF?

Added later - is it Burkina Faso?

14 Oct, 2011


thanks and yes i have tried to find out info on what grows there but many people say they have failed with growing seeds and plants but my mother in law there grew marigold seeds we sent her and they are now 5 foot!!! so just goes to show looking at taking annual seeds as they are fast growers and will germinate in that light and heat easily i think but which ones ? i dont know cleome,comos,marigold, will work i just want to give the villagers there some bright blousy flowers dosnt really matter as these people have never grown any flowers before and most are rice farmers too poor to buy seeds for plants but i hear they are very excited by the prospect of us bringing seed with us and i can see i jealousy breakout on who gets the seeds and who can grow the best garden there

14 Oct, 2011


I DO hope you don't introduce the future Philippines equivalent of Japanese knotweed! :-( Think of those Victorian plant hunters bringing back unknown plants and seeds to this country to experiment with what will grow here. And what will rampage across the countryside....

It's no wonder the Australians are paranoid about people bringing plant matter into their country. No seeds in mud on boots, no sandwiches, no apple cores forgotten in pockets, no biological material of any kind.

14 Oct, 2011


New Zealand and the States are very strict too and for good reason. A plant that is an innocent annual in the UK could be anything but in the Philippines, seeding madly and destroying native species by taking over their habitat.

14 Oct, 2011


Beattie - BF is a village/suburban area within Metro Manila area.
Beattie and MG - you are of course entirely correct in what you are saying regarding invasive species etc. I have been to Australia and the States too.
I can understand Youngalistair's excitement about taking different plants to the village and it will be exactly as he is describing it. The choice of taking them or not is entirely his.

14 Oct, 2011


Yes Scottish and would he like to think he had introduced an invasive species?

We all want to grow plants that are not native the snag is when they take over... I would hope that Alex is not about to decimate the Philippines flora!

14 Oct, 2011


I think Alex is someone else MG - this is youngALISTAIR :-)

15 Oct, 2011


Oops very true - thanks Beattie!

15 Oct, 2011


the philippines is one of the poorest countries in the world which has had the heart ripped out of it most earn 50p-£1.00 per day .........and your worried about me taking some seeds to a small island bohol .........come on get real!

15 Oct, 2011


the reason the people grow no plants or flowers is that they are rice growers growing a crop again introduced to the philippines no doubt from china they are subsistence farmers and live from hand to mouth and me and my wife are just trying to brighten up there short lives. the philippines has got so many problems from industrial pollution contaminated rivers poisoned DDT FERTILISER fields you name it......... deforestation massive soil erosion typhoons that flood entire islands the list is endless

15 Oct, 2011


Alistair you have sent me a PM which I have responded to...

15 Oct, 2011


I'm afraid Moon has a good point Alistair. Numerous alien plant species have successfully invaded natural and human-altered habitats through deliberate and accidental introductions in the Philippines. Alarmingly, 334 species, about a third of the plants in the Flora of Manila, have been brought into the country fairly recently.

Their unrestricted proliferation has had many dire consequences, including crop loss (in the case of agricultural weeds), decrease in biodiversity and deterioration of overall environmental quality.

Taking some plants over to brighten peoples lives as you say could be a mistake. Many ornamental plants are aggressively spreading out of control. These include Peacock Flower and climbing plants such as Blue Trumpet Vine and Morning glory.

I know you mean well, the people may not have enough money to buy flower seeds because they are poor rice farmers, but think of the cosequences if their harvest was decreased due to alien plant invasion, mutation or disease. For example, the white stem borer (Scirpophaga innotata) in Iloilo, Philippines has been a chronic rice pest for many years after being introduced into the Philippinesand now invades upland rice in Claveria, Mindanao islands.

18 Oct, 2011


Thank you Myron... I do not like to come over as the 'big bad wolf' but we need to take responsibility for our actions!

18 Oct, 2011


Thank you for putting it so well Myron. You've given specific examples of the sort of plant introductions that I was worried about.
I hate to rain on your parade, Youngalistair, but you need to think hard about what seeds or plants you take with you, if that's what you decide to do.

18 Oct, 2011


Aw Moon, I'm sure you're not a big bad wolf, Haha.

I sometimes think that all us keen gardeners, me included, are guilty sometimes of being selfish without stepping back and thinking of the consequences. We all like to see nice things growing, are passionate about our gardens and keen to introduce something different and unusual into our little retreats of nature. But you're right, we do need to take responsibility for our actions, if people think that just growing a few plants here and there does no harm, then all I can say is... Think Ireland... potato famine? This was caused by a potato blight apparently introduced from Europe which killed a million and a million more were forced to emigrate.

Citrus canker that originated from SE Asia and nearly decimated the Orange groves in Florida and cost 28 million dollars to eradicate.

Sorry to go on, but I do get very passionately about this and hope that people will try to be more responsible.

18 Oct, 2011


i understand what you say but pests and disease is another matter yes i take on board that a third of Manilas species have been brought in recently ? over how many years? so how many of them our invasive?(id also like to read your information if its possible ? as i am always glad to read it to learn before i make mistakes and again how many species have been brought into the u.k. recently ?seeing as we probably are the worlds greatest plant hunters..peacock flower originates from Madagascar, morning glory is mexico and south america and trumpet vine is u.s. southern states...thats not taking away from the fact that anything brought into any country can become invasive if not checked and thank you for your info and im sure the ladies will breath a sigh of relief you have come to their rescue

19 Oct, 2011

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