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when are canna bulbs available please



they will be available early to mid summer next year, may be earlier in some places, they will be pot plants. also they are rhizomatous roots not bulbs, but both being similar as such,as in you lift and store over winter unless you are in a warm area.oops jumped the gun a little just realised you might be asking about canna lily bulbs,if so not fully sure at the mo

13 Oct, 2011


You'll find them in Garden Centres in packs in the spring.

13 Oct, 2011


Don't buy now - as Spritzhenry says, they're available at the garden centres in Spring, or in pots a bit later, already growing. If you want fancier varieties though, best order online next season.

14 Oct, 2011


Hi . Are you on about the canna lilles. The tropical ones. If so they are available from seed. Altough hard to find from garden centres. I always grown from seed year after year as this avoids the yellow streaky virus. They flower then when the flower has spent they produce seed pods where they will swell and that is where the seeds are. They can vary from size but are usually about the size of a pea. These are then dired so they go hard in a paper bag and then when you are ready to propergate you need to soak them in warm tepid water and just sit back and watch them grow.
I then transfer mine when they are about 4 inch tall in the propergator to pots and leave in the green house until 3-4 ft tall and then do what you wish with them. Either keep them in pots or plant in the ground. I had so many last year i gave a lot to friends and neighbours.

15 Oct, 2011

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