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I have this beautiful cordyline in my front garden that overhangs the neighbours. She cut one down in her back garden because she was fed up picking up the leaves. Intially the complaint was the brown leaves fall in to her garden. I offered to pick them up, but she now says the leaves are blocking her guttering causing damp. I have more of the tree in my garden & share the guttering I have never had a blockage in 10 years! To cut a long story short I love the tree, but want to keep in with my neighbour. There are two branches at the top of the trunk, could I cut the branch that overhangs her garden. I know it wouls ruin the shape of this beautiful tree, but I am just trying to find ways of keeping my tree & the peace. I would hate to be destroying something of such beauty because of the neighbour doesn't like falling leaves.

Would cutting a branch off damage it, when should I do it & can you make offshoots from the main branch?

I have attached a photo so you can see my dilema.





It is a bit close to the house and taking a branch off I think wouldn't make that much differance, I would rather keep freindly with my neighbour and cut it down and grow another further away from the house as it will soon grow to that size, I was wondering also how far the root system goes as you maybe able to move it, not sure though, maybe someone on here could enlighten you on that one.
Alway best to keep freindly with your neighbours.
Good Luck :o))

11 Oct, 2011


Whatever you do, do not cut it now. We're in for a harsh winter, and even though I see you're in London where its often not so bad, cutting it at this time of year is a really bad idea. Wait till April - if the plant is undamaged by the winter, consider cutting it then. You could actually reduce its height by half if you wanted to - admittedly you'd be looking at a bare, straight trunk, but it will shoot from various places (including the base) once its been cut and grow away from there. Or just cut off a branch if that's what you want to do. If you do decide to cut the main trunk down to a lower height, angle the cut to allow rain to run off.

11 Oct, 2011



Thanks for the replies. I wonder if anyone has moved such a large palm & transferred it. Would it survive, is it a huge job ( I understand roots are not that deep) & what would I expect to pay.

I would then want a palm that would not grow as tall. I was looking at a cordyline kaspar. Maybe potted. Anyone know where I can get one.

Feeling quite stressed about the whole thing as I am cross that such as lovely palm is to be destroyed just because it's leaves cause a mess.

11 Oct, 2011


Well, you don't have to do anything at all about it if you really don't want to - a few leaves lying about are hardly a big deal. I'd cut it down in Spring myself. I think it very unlikely you will be able to move it successfully.

11 Oct, 2011


I would also check her guttering now and again for her and keep pulling off the leaves as they die so to stop any more dropping maybe that would stop her moaning, hope you have a tall ladder LOL :)

13 Oct, 2011

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