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How do I stop the ends of the leaves of my Livistona rotundifolia turning brown.



this plant prefers high humidity - dry air may well cause the tips of the leaves to brown. Also prefers to be out of hot midday sun...

11 Oct, 2011


Thanks bamboo,you could be right, the sun comes in through the French windows at just about the hottest time of day. How about if I put it outside for a while if and when it rains.?

11 Oct, 2011


I don't know what your temperatures are like currently, but I wouldn't put one out at this time of year if its been indoors all summer. Try the pebble tray trick instead - get a tray which sticks out round the pot by 2 or 3 inches all round, fill the tray with pebbles, stand the pot on the pebbles and keep the tray topped up with water, to about the halfway mark up the pebbles. This water will evaporate and keep the air round the plant humid.

11 Oct, 2011

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